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Sensorium™ LSV II Transformational Sessions

The type of technology created by InnerSense, Inc. is extremely experiential.  It doesn’t do it justice to explain it in words or even with video.  It’s a personal experience that must be had directly in order to fully understand what it is.  We are pleased to announce the availability of free demonstrations and paid transformation sessions on all of the technologies offered by the company at our Santa Monica location near Los Angeles.  Demonstrations are normally 15 minutes but sessions can last as long as 2 hours.  Please call or email for an appointment…walk-ins are not allowed due to “in-session” situations.

Transformational Sessions are performed on a VibraSound® VR Sensory Resonance Vehicle that allows you to feel every nuance of sound or music in every cell of your body.  Simultaneously the same signal is heard via enhanced processing and seen inside the head with the eyes closed through a proprietary device called the Sensorium LSV II Sensory Interface.  Sessions begin with 10 minutes of multi-sensory vibrational bath of personal or planetary frequencies followed by 40 minutes of enhanced music that is capped at the end with 20 minutes of eyes open experience with the Portacle, our next-generation quantum biofeedback system that allows you to see, hear and feel you own thoughts and expressions as they exist on the other side, before manifestation in this world.  Effecting change at the most primary level of reality transforms everything up line in the chain.  During the session, the room is flooded with color synchronous to the frequency program.

The purpose of these sessions is to allow a person to shift or modify their manner of being and doing according to will.  A manner of being is how one “is” in the world…how they “be”.  Adjectives are used to describe how a person is – happy, depressed, helpful, enthusiastic, smart, joyous, etc.  A manner of doing is how one spends their time, what they do with their life and how they treat others.  Be thinking about what you would intend (places to go, people to meet, accomplishments, things you would like to own) and other such things.  Then think about what your manner of being and doing would be if all of your intentions came to pass.  Be ready to express that during the Portacle part of the session.

If you decide to take home your own copy of the Portacle so that you can continue your transformation whenever you like, a $50 discount will be offered at the end of your session.  There’s a webinar every Wednesday night to make sure all of your questions are answered and that everyone has plenty of support.

With introduction, orientation, instruction, session, review and recovery time you should plan for about 2 hours.  Please wear comfortable, non-restricting clothes and try not to plan anything important after your session.  You will need the time to integrate your session.  Being late only cuts into your own session, so please be on time in order to get the full experience.

15 minute demonstrations are free.  Sessions are $250 and can be paid by cash, credit-card, check or paypal.  To schedule an appointment for a session please call (310) 261-1128 or email with your request.  We’re usually booked two weeks in advance but occasionally have last minute openings.  Thank you for your interest in experiencing this amazing technology for yourself.  We look forward to hearing from and seeing you here soon.  Blessings!