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Life is a Journey, and The Portacle
Is Your Compass . . .

A tool for personal growth that points you in the right direction – to find yourself.
The Portacle is a stand alone, downloadable software program that has been called “the most powerful tool for meditation and personal development ever created”.  As the name implies, it’s a PORTAL through to the inner world, where intention creates reality, and an ORACLE to help navigate that inner space.  It can help you learn or remember how expressing your imaginary intentions outwardly makes them real and sets into motion building blocks of reality, which combine to create the world you experience in and around yourself.

We live in the space and time domain.  However, if you breathe, whisper, speak, tone, sing or otherwise express yourself into The Portacle, it reveals who you are on the other side of the quantum in the spectral domain.  It allows you to see your inner radiance, hear your inner voice, and gives you the opportunity to effect true and lasting change on yourself at the most fundamental level of reality where reality originates.  It’s a tool that reveals the real secret behind the law of attraction, which if properly applied,  can change your life forever.
The Portacle is the first of a new generation of true quantum biofeedback systems designed and tested by world-class supercomputers and over 60 years of combined research and development.  We say true, because until now biofeedback has been limited to feeding back unrelated signals when specified goals are accomplished, such as a beep or flash of light.  The Portacle inputs, processes and outputs the users own unique, personal waveforms. In addition, whereas standard biofeedback methods can find only the average mean frequency, The Portacle is based on a new technology that allows it to see the true harmony present within the signal.  All dissonance and noise is removed, so that only the true harmonic signature is captured, processed and returned.
With The Portacle you can see and hear how you think and feel on the inside and, over time, begin to find your true self.  It’s the perfect tool for self-exploration, discovery, realization and mastery, and can help you learn to effect change in accordance with will.  Proper use can lead to peak states of awareness that will leave you feeling profoundly relaxed, yet totally inspired at the same time.


It’s the ultimate journey into conscious evolution…
Get ready to be entertained, enlightened, and transformed all at the same time!