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PEAK EXPERIENCE: Article by Don Estes about the “transformative” state of mind.

SENSORY SCIENCE: Article by Don Estes about the science of sensory technology.

SENSORY RESONANCE AND HRV: Article by Don Estes about the relationships between brain and heart variability and the various states of mind.

MEMBRANES OF LIFE: Article by Don Estes about superstring theory, vibrating membranes, and HRT…an new futuristic, next generation supercomputer bio- metric analysis and natural resonance biofeedback therapy.

THE BEAUTY WITHIN: Article by Don Estes about how the way one thinks and feels on the inside can improve how they look on the outside better than anything that can be done to outwardly change appearance.

HARMONIC LAW: THE SCIENCE OF VIBRATION: Encyclopedia of Vibrational Science by Don Estes…a compendium of information about the physics of vibration, music/color/aroma/ light/vibrotactile/sound therapy, harmonic laws, human biometrics, and spiritual technology.

THE ABSOLUTE SCALE OF RELATIVE COSMIC REALITY: Large wallchart illustration for the book above by Don Estes about the Universal Rhythm of the Square Root of Minus One.

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