Living Waters March 2014: Water Transformed By Intention

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By Don Estes

Scientific research has shown that a mathematical expression of something is more or less the same as that which is being modeled. Metaphors hold the same energy as what they represent. This principle, called transcendence in alchemy, explains how the purification and separation that a substance suffers in a crucible or alembic while practicing the art, applies to the artisan himself. In other words, the experience of the substance is a metaphor and witness for the experience that the practitioner is trying to achieve, and it holds that memory in its time record.

All substances carry with them a record of their prior experience. Such records have been found in core samples of ice and rock, which have been used to determine the prevailing patterns of weather, tools being used and other cultural developments in vogue on specific dates in history. Rocks and ice can hold patterns in place because they are more or less static.

However, liquid water is alive and very dynamic, constantly changing with its environment.

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