Navigating InnerSpace

The Race Continues:  Circumnavigating InnerSpace By Don Estes One of our associates recently remarked…”well, Don, the cat’s really out of the bag now!  “You’ve unleashed upon the world a powerful tool that can be used constructively or destructively.  How are you ever going to control that?” Fortunately, when it comes to spiritual technology, there’s mechanisms [...]

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Physics of the Law of Attraction

PHYSICS OF THE LAW OF ATTRACTION I OBSERVE, THEREFORE I AM By Don Estes The Law of Attraction has become a household word.  Suddenly it has come to be the buzzword amongst those studying ways in which to enrich and enhance life.  TV infomercials, movies, print media and songs about it have become commonplace.  However, [...]

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Living Waters March 2014: Water Transformed By Intention

LIVING WATER: TRANSFORMED BY INTENTION By Don Estes Scientific research has shown that a mathematical expression of something is more or less the same as that which is being modeled. Metaphors hold the same energy as what they represent. This principle, called transcendence in alchemy, explains how the purification and separation that a substance suffers in a crucible or alembic while [...]

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The Fold-Over: Reuniting the Animal with the Spirit

by Randy Stack When considering the course of conscious evolution, most tend to think in terms of a purely upward progression from some "lower-" to "higher-self" (with the implication that one is more desirable than the other). However, rather than unidirectionally striving to evolve from animal being to spiritual essence, why not simply resolve the [...]

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