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The Fold-Over: Reuniting the Animal with the Spirit

by Randy Stack When considering the course of conscious evolution, most tend to think in terms of a purely upward progression from some "lower-" to "higher-self" (with the implication that one is more desirable than the other). However, rather than unidirectionally striving to evolve from animal being to spiritual essence, why not simply resolve the [...]

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Adaptive Stochastic Automata: Taking the Magic out of Maths

Adaptive Stochastic Automata Taking the Magic out of Maths by Randy Stack & Vic Stack As humans, we tend to give human characteristics to most things, from our pets to our vehicles and even to concepts. This is "friendly", "comforting", "funny", "considerate" or "happy", for example. And, just like when we anthropomorphize non-human beings and [...]

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