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VibraSound® WaveTable

New WavetableThe VibraSound WaveTable has held the distinction of being considered state of the art in vibrotactile platforms since its introduction in the late 70’s.  Now in its 13th generation of enhanced embodiments, it still remains at the top of every professional’s wish list who is considering offering the amazing benefits of vibrotactile therapy.  The proprietary design has over 30 years of design and development and we are pleased and excited to announce the release of our latest next generation WaveTable.

Its custom hydro-sonic mattress is designed to respond to sound, vibration and music in exactly the same way the human body does.  It’s filled with a colloidal suspension and cellulose fibers that represent an analog model of the human body and the way vibration enters and exits it.  Imagine floating on the ocean as soothing, yet powerful and inspiring vibrations enter every cell of your body!

A proprietary hydro-sonic transducer system (HTS) provides the most accurate and precise manner of introducing vibrotactile waves into the human body.  With almost zero- impedance its signals penetrate directly through the skin and turn the body’s fluid into a speaker such that the vibrations appear to be originating inside…like an internal massage of the cells, tissues, organs and bones.

A unique zero-impedance loss processor (sophisticated equalizer) is used to make the signal flat across the spectrum such that purity, range, accuracy and precision of frequencies is as close to perfect as possible.  What goes into the system is what goes into the body without any loss or slightest change of signal, making the user’s body ONE with the mattress.  Unlike sound tables, the WaveTable can handle low frequencies down to 5Hz.  These subsonic frequencies have powerful effects and can leave the user in a profoundly relaxed but inspired state of mind.

There’s a difference between oscillation and vibration.  Vibration is something that occurs inside the body, whereas oscillation happens when that entire body is modulated with vibration from an outside source.  Most sound tables on the market are based on one or the other.  The VibraSound WaveTable offers both of these forms of vibration as they are felt both inside and out.

In addition, the WaveTable offers heat therapy as the mattress is maintained at the perfect temperature year round…warm in winter and cooler in summer.  Large enough to accommodate all adults but works with children as well.

The WaveTable comes complete with soft-side foam frame, hydro-sonic mattress, liner, zero- emission heater, 2 custom sheets, head and foot transducers with enclosures, floor-isolation pedestals, amplifier, zero-impedance processor, 12 foot cable with pro connectors, stereo connection cables, installation instructions and operation manual.  Setup takes several hours and can be performed on-site by the purchaser with a little help on the phone with one of our technical specialists.  Alternatively, installation, setup and operation training can be purchased as an option.  Please call for details.

New Wavetable

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