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Screen shot 2013-03-29 at 12.59.14 AMThe Portacle was created for the purpose of demonstrating and teaching an individual or group to become more aware of their thoughts and feelings through their own breath.  A culmination of thirty years of research and experiential data has brought to light a cutting edge biometric feedback system that is now accessible to the public. This exciting and exclusive downloadable computer program provides people from all walks of life a powerful tool for self-awareness and transformation at the deepest level.

The goal of The Portacle is to empower and create true and lasting change individually and collectively.

By combining technology and consciousness, keeping the integration of body, mind and spirit at the pinnacle of their interest, the mission of the team at the Portacle is to support whole brain and whole body synchrony. It is their grand vision to give the end-users the ultimate tool for personal transformation and growth, thus assisting in the conscious evolution of humanity.