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(AMMI: Automatous Mind-Machine Interface)
The Portacle Neuro is a next-generation upgrade to The Portacle quantum biofeedback software program. It’s a new class of mind machines called an automatous mind-machine interface, which allows an operator’s brain to be employed as a real-time analog coprocessor for a personal or group digital biofeedback process.

Processing is accomplished by sending a continuous stream of multiple possibilities via an algorithmic stimulus to the observer/operator until wave function collapse occurs, thus yielding specific return values. These values are added to information being collected from the breath and voice via The Portacle, and used to calculate eight “state of being” indices that relate directly to a user’s current condition. These quotients can instantly show what happens to the mind, body and spirit when thinking about, feeling or expressing certain things like possessions, relationships, careers, hobbies, locations and passions…revealing the current state of being.

PsioLink HeadbandThe Portacle Neuro interface hardware consists of a headband with two dry electrode sensors (no gel required) mounted equidistant to the center of the forehead, and an ear-clip that serves as a ground. The two sensors pick up the raw neurological and/or bioelectric signals emanating from the user’s brain and send them wirelessly to The Portacle Neuro where they separated into two streams of real and imaginary data. These are read by a built-in adaptive stochastic (chaotic) oscillator which returns a signal to the brain including a vast range of multiple, simultaneous possibilities, nearly equivalent to those being generated by the user’s brain. The feedback signal is also mode-matched to the user’s unique waveforms.   This iterative trans-receiving brain/computer communication allows a new level of neuro-feedback never before attainable, a process we’ve coined…psio-feedback.

With the Portacle Neuro, we’re presenting all of the possibilities represented within an individual’s spectral essence matrices as the source wave function through adaptive-stochastic automata.  When they collapse the wave into a single state vector, we’re able to extract the real & imaginary components comprising our vector State of Being indices of Self Awareness, Core Energetics, Manifold Integration and Temporal Orientation.  These serve as continuous feedback mechanisms through which an individual may monitor the progress of their Portacle sessions and may also be used below their threshold of awareness (i.e. not presenting the data visibly) to act as an alternative controller for other software (e.g. games, personal productivity, multimedia and social networking applications).

When a user is faced with a multiplicity of apparently conflicting states, they instinctively collapse these into a single vector outcome by virtue of perception. Humans cannot cope with the existence of multiple realities or conflicting truths all occurring at the same time so we naturally select
one and collapse the wave function into the world we experience in and around ourselves. The feedback loop continues until wave collapse occurs whenever the real and imaginary streams achieve unity.

The resulting values are sub-imposed upon the spectral matrices produced from the voice and breath. These matrices represent the spectral essence (spectral domain image of a time domain object) of the breath, voice and brain, and are a plotting of the real and imaginary partials in a 12D hypertorus, which is thenFigure-20-matrix-calculation-of-indices-example 2 unfolded into a 2D cross-sectional Matrix that can be viewed on a computer screen (see attached diagram of The Portacleprocess). The matrices are intentional palettes upon which one can visualize their intention through a process called Apophany…the experience of seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random and meaningless data. Practice can lead to Epiphany…the experience of a sudden or striking realization. The patterns created by the organizational relationship of the automata create shapes and forms that mimic real life manifestations. Since all geometries originate from combinations of real and imaginary automata, an individual who masters the Portacle should be able to draw their intention directly onto the screen.

The fastest supercomputer in the world is the human mind. The Human Neurocomputer™ takes advantage of this by integrating the brain as an analog coprocessor and provides a neural interface technology through which to measure, analyze and utilize the results to calculate various “state of being indices”. It allows the body to become an antenna for the universal vibrational spectrum.

The Human Neurocomputer™ requires the use of a lightweight headband with a wireless computer connection (Bluetooth™ device can be connected directly to the headband or via cable).  For more information see the Human Neurocomputer on the FAQ page under The Portacle on the Navigation Bar.