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Portacle Neuro CN-X™


On our march toward making the Human Neurocomputer become a reality on everyone’s laptop…we’re excited to introduce the next upgrade to our Portacle suite of quantum biofeedback technologies. First there was the standard Portacle, then came the Monitor (State of Being Indicators) and Chromaphase (Color Cycling & Freeze Option) versions.  In 2016 we released the Portacle Neuro, which allows users to drive the Portacle quantum biofeedback processors with real time thought in addition to, or instead of, voiced expression. In other words, the Portacle Neuro has opened up a whole new way to interact with the Portacle as it combines thought with expression, the two most important quadrants of the Manifestation Cycle. All that’s required after is that action be taken on the expression and voila’…manifestation.

Supercomputer modeling has now allowed us to discover that whereas our current Portacle systems allow visual and auditory feedback from any audio source like a microphone and voice, there is also a way to feedback electrical signals to the brain based on the electrical activity of the brain itself. This feedback can be via electrodes attached to the scalp (Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation – TNS) or even better, via a tiny electrode that can feed information directly into the brain and body via the 10 cranial nerve, called (Vagus Nerve Stimulation or VNS).

Vagus nerve stimulation or (VNS) is a treatment that involves delivering electrical impulses to the vagus nerve, which is directly connected to the parasympathetic nervous system and responsible for maintaining the body and mind’s ability to calm itself and relax. It’s the so-called “relaxation response” as opposed to the stimulating “fight or flight” response of the sympathetic nervous system. Scientific research has shown that VNS has application and efficacy as an adjunct to treating a wide range of human ailments including epilepsy, depression, addiction, mood disorder, traumatic injury, OCD, PTSD and a whole host of other nerve, degenerative and internal problems. In addition, it has been used to help with anxiety disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, migraines, fibromyalgia, obesity, and tinnitus. Many online sources like Wikipedia provide long lists of human disorders that are being successfully treated with VNS.

There are various methodologies and devices currently available that are known to stimulate the vagus nerve. It’s been found that splashing cold water on the face, various forms of breathing and other simple techniques can be used to temporarily stimulate the vagus nerve very quickly. However, there are a number of devices currently on the market that resonate the nerve with tiny electrical signals, which extends the effectiveness. Each device has its own theories and concepts about the frequencies and waveforms used. Because these devices present electrical signals to the head area, the entire industry is under extreme scrutiny of the FDA, which requires a lot of testing, analysis and regulatory approval. However, the industry has been in full swing since 1997 and these devices have been shown to be completely safe with only a few contraindications. Of course, anyone with medical issues considering this form of stimulation should check with their medical doctor first before using this or any other new technology.
Introducing the Portacle Neuro Cn-X™.

The vagus nerve is anatomically known as the 10th cranial nerve…thus our CN-X™ name extension. Since the Portacle Neuro system collects and processes thought via our patented separation of real and imaginary components and stochastic automatous phase feedback process, it’s possible to route the difference between a person’s actual and potential thought components directly into the vagus nerve via a small electrode implanted in the left earbud.

We’ve partnered with the manufacturer of the most popular vagus nerve stimulation device to bring you the Portacle Neuro CN-X™, an FDA approved technology that you can start using immediately. The processed brainwave output of the CN-X™ is fed directly into the neuro-stimulus device which modulates the signal of the vagus nerve stimulator.  This opens up an entire new world to the field of VNS. The CN-X™ is the only system available that uses a person’s own brain activity to stimulate and regulate their ability to calm, relax and inspire themselves. From an experiential aspect, the effect can be so powerful as to induce general euphoria and elicit the spiritual ecstasy usually associated with a religious experience.

Most anxiety-related conditions cause spikes in brainwave activity. With our direct neurofeedback loop, such episodes trigger the release of calming neurochemicals like dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin, the latter of which is often referred to as the “cuddle hormone”.

The Portacle Neuro CN-X™ is unique from other forms of VNS and biofeedback

  1.  Most systems on the market either use music or preprogrammed frequencies. The CN-X™ allows the user’s own brain to modulate the signal. In fact, it’s the real to imaginary difference that’s used as the modulating signal so the process enhances whole brain function as well.
  2. Direct form of actual personal biofeedback as opposed to simple indirect notification of mind-state.
  3. The CN-X™ is a part of the Portacle Neuro Quantum Biofeedback System that has many other uses in the field of self-improvement along with transformational, consciousness, mindfulness, awareness and spiritual technologies.
  4. Provides a reward system that encourages the user’s brain to produce self-specific versions of calming and inspiring neurochemicals.
  5. Four different modes – Audio – Formula – Affirmation – Neurofeedback
  6. State of the art in design, functionality, durability and reliability. Will work with other software like MyndPlay, NeuroSky and others.
  7. Nerve stimulating module is FDA approved for safety.
  8. Manufactured by a company who provides great customer service and technical advice.
  9. Weekly online training webinars.
  10. Less expensive than many units on the market.
  11. There is a mobile app version in development.


Go to https://the-portacle.myshopify.com/collections/the-portacle to purchase this system as individual components or as a package. The system was created in modular form such that the three components can be used independently, but must be paired and connected properly to use as a system.


Portacle Neuro CN-X™ software $ 599.00
Psiolink™ Neuroband – Bluetooth wireless transmitter $ 250.00
The CN-X™ Nervana Vagus Nerve Stimulator $ 299.00
Total System Package Price: $1099.00

The Portacle Neuro CN-X™ is composed of four components:






Results will vary due to the amount of time, intensity and the user’s ability to create, harmonize and project their thoughts. Many people notice something right away. For others, it may take a few sessions before coming aware that changes are taking place.
Some users have reported feeling a calming sense, which transformed into overwhelming contentment over progressive sessions.  Others have stated that it seemed to be giving their minds a sharpness of focus as well, which we theorize is the action of acetyl choline being produced in the brain. On occasion, people have had feelings of euphoria arise and then ebb into an all-consuming appreciation, which we theorize as being an oxytocin effect. A few users have said that they would most liken it to a more subtle and controlled version of what they have experienced with ecstasy or similar substances, a feeling often associated with the production of consciousness enhancing endorphins and enkephalins.  A handful of user’s have reported an out of body or even a psychedelic sort of experience.

In almost all cases, we’ve noticed that the most intense effects often occur after a session has been completed, lingering longer and longer each time.  It has been reported that after just two weeks of near-daily use, user’s have felt like their brain chemistry had been altered in a (semi-?) permanent and positive way.

We’re unaware of anything in our own research and development, or within the scientific literature, that would suggest that there are dangers or contraindications to using VNS or that there are “withdrawal symptoms” of any sort should a person stop using the CN-X™. A sense of calm and serenity seems to persist as if the user has somehow trained their brain to release neurochemicals to maintain that state.

Thirty minute sessions are recommended starting out and the effects may not onset until toward the end of the session or afterwards. Again, make sure the intensity is not set too high, as you just want to stimulate the vagus nerve, not the ear canal. 15-20 minute booster sessions also work well.

The Portacle Neuro CN-X™ may be used in a stand alone configuration or as a part of a VibraSound/Portacle Neuro sessions. Sometimes all of the wires make it cumbersome to run all of the InnerSense technologies at the same time. The CN-X™ earbuds somewhat interrupt the perfect sound of the professional earphones that many people use. Whereas they can be used together, experimentation on your part will help you design the best configurations for your use.


The Portacle Neuro CN-X™ is FDA Approved through its partnership with Nervana, LLC. Unlike with drugs and alcohol, there are no collateral systemic effects of VNS. The stimulation sends signals directly to the vagus nerve, which prompts the nerve to tell the brain’s pleasure center to release more neurotransmitters. And that’s it. There’s nothing for the liver to reject, so it’s not muting the effect. Which means there’s no “let down” after a VNS session so there is no rebound craving.


There are no returns on this item. The Portacle Neuro CN-X is warrantied for parts and labor for one year after purchase. Repair or replacement is the choice or option of the manufacturer. All repairs require a Return Authorization Form that can be obtained by contacting InnerSense, Inc.



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Searching the Internet for other articles about Vagus Nerve Stimulation will turn up many different facts about the vagus nerve and how stimulation effects the human brain and body. The Wikipedia article does a great job of explaining it and offers suggested additional reading sources of its own.