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At InnerSense we strive to create adaptive technology that can grow as research reveals deeper and deeper understandings of our own consciousness and the ability to create technology that resolves tension, inspires change and growth, creates states of bliss and ecstasy, allows one to master innerspace and enhances life in new and novel ways.

At the heart of our design and development process lays the P.S.I.O. world-class supercomputer that serves as the central core of all our technologies.  As such, it provides a commonality to all of the various products and services we offer and keeps them all synchronized together and capable of being periodically upgraded to higher functionality.

The standard full-version of The Portacle works great with only your laptop computer and a pair of ear buds, but as with most technologies, the experience can be enhanced with optional upgrades.  These upgrades and additional accessories are described below, but first, a short primer on why these upgrades are needed is suggested:

The original source that provides the “river of life” that becomes and then nurtures every known thing is called the universal vibrational spectrum that makes up the diverse reality in which we live, where everything is relative by frequency.  This concept has been graphically shown in many different ways and it has become quite common to see them displayed as the range of frequencies that make up the different bands of the standard or “accepted” spectrum like radio, TV, microwaves, heat, light, x-rays and cosmic rays.  However, other research has shown that the spectrum extends on both ends into an expanded scale that includes sound, tactile vibration, brainwaves, heartbeats, breath (pressure), motion and gravity.  In other words, the true scale extends all the way from the gravity constant to the quantum constant.


The more bands of the spectrum a person can resonate on, the better they can communicate with all of the various forms of reality both inside and outside.  For example, it is well known that various brainwave rates correlate to different states of mind.  These delta, theta, alpha and beta states have been fully documented and explored.  Even though these only represent the “known” octaves of brainwave activity, each has been shown to be vital to human consciousness.

In the same way, all of the octaves of the vibrational spectrum have value and are useful in many ways.  Any proper study of consciousness must start with the fact that the sensory mechanisms are the only connection it has with the environment, both inside and out. The more senses involved in an experience, the more information is processed, and a better understanding arises.  The more channels a person can resonate on, the better they can communicate with the various levels of reality they will encounter physically, mentally and spiritually.  Their personal unit of time perspective

[1] widens, and they become more mature.

Each sensory mechanism senses a particular band of the universal vibrational spectrum (see diagram below).  The full version of the standard Portacle software was designed to measure and return all of the spectral bands that are resonant with human beings, which includes 15 octaves of information.  However, your computer and ear buds can only produce ten or eleven of these octaves depending on your setup.  Therefore, we have designed and developed extensions to the Portacle experience that can expand its sensitivity into all 15 octaves and greatly enhance its capabilities and power.  Notice the amount of crossover between the octaves:


[1] Unit of Time Perspective refers to the bandwidth of time the person calls a “moment”.  An immature person has a very short UTP and wants everything in the immediate moment like a child.  The more mature a person becomes the UTP widens to include both a remembrance of past learning as well as a projection of all possible futures.

[2] The Sensorium’s range includes Octaves One to 14 when it is in amplitude modulation mode.

The Portacle Options


*Each one alone can individually enhance the experience.

The Portacle Software

The Human Neurocomputer (Neurolink band & Software Upgrade)

Professional Headset (Beyer or Audio-Technica)

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface

VibraSound® Vibrotactile Table or Chair

Sensorium LSV Sensory Interface

Transformant Algorithmically Transformed Water


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The Portacle Neuro 

(Psiolink band & Software Upgrade)
(Estimated Release Date – September 2016)


PsioLink™  Headband Specifications:
Raw Brain Data from DC to 500Hz.
Patented Dry Electrodes with ClipUSB & Bluetooth™  Wireless Enabled
High Quality, Low Noise Circuitry
Lightweight, Comfortable & Durable
NeuroCode™  Software Download
Cables, Manual and On-line Training
Optional EEG Biofeedback Programs

The Portacle Neuro is an optional upgrade to the standard suite of Portacle tools for transformation. It consists of expanded software algorithms and hardware in the form of a headband that contains two dry electrodes, which measure the raw bio-energetic signals from the brain and allow the addition of analog supercomputing to the process. This is accomplished through presenting an array of multiple potentials through adaptive-stochastic automata until the mind collapses the wave function of these into a singular state vector outcome. The neurocomputer is employed in the calculation of the real-time state of being indices (see above).

The Portacle Neuro can also allow the user to learn how to collapse the wave function, or actualize / manifest reality from multiple possibilities, at will. Its PsioLink™ bi-phasic I/O display shows both the wave function stimulus to and quantum mind-body problem resolving response from the neurocomputer, taking the Portacle experience to the next level by providing a way to actually witness wave function collapse very similar to the way they are observed in atom smashers / particle accelerators like the Large Hadron Collider.  Thinking, intending or expressing various options into the neurocomputer to witness which one collapses the wave function unleashes the true Oracle nature of the Portacle.

The Portacle Neuro can also function as a true random number generator – Dean Radin of the Noetic Society and others involved with the Global Consciousness Project, have demonstrated that these devices reveal the entanglement of the collective consciousness.  However, the sampling rate determines the degree of accuracy, so the faster the random generator works the more accurate the results.

The fastest supercomputer in the world is the human mind. The Portacle Neuro takes advantage of this by integrating the brain as an analog coprocessor and provides a neural interface technology through which to measure, analyze and utilize the results to calculate various “state of being indices”. It allows the body to become an antenna for the universal vibrational spectrum.

The Portacle Neuro requires the use of a lightweight headband with a wireless computer connection (Bluetooth™ device can be connected directly to the headband or via cable).  For more information see the Portacle Neuro on the FAQ page under The Portacle on the Navigation Bar.


PROFESSIONAL HEADSETS (Require Audio Interface Below)




Vibrasound® Sensory Resonance Systems


This foldable table represents the state of the art in portable vibrotactile / sound therapy tables. Constructed with high quality components; heavy duty hardwood frame, triple density foam, Reiki ends, professional wiring components, two patented transducers with proprietary mounting, durable leather-like black vinyl covering, ten foot cable, 150 watt amplifier, and manual. More information: http://www.vibrasound.com/MTBrochure.htm



Vibrasound® Zero-G Chair — Reclining Chair

The VibraSound® Zero-G Chair is designed upon the NASA liftoff frame and is the most comfortable recliner you’ve ever experienced.  In addition, its ultra-modern design, beautiful wood and luxurious leather make it the most beautiful.   The patented position creates a feeling of floating in space, and equalizes blood pressure throughout the body, reducing tension. Comes with two patented and specially mounted transducers, comfortable pad, pillow, ten-foot cable, 150-watt amplifier, user’s manual and online assistance.  For more information please refer to our website at: http://www.vibrasound.com/ZGBrochure.htm.


Vibrasound® WaveTable™ (Hydrosonic Transducer Table) 

The VibraSound® Wavetable is considered around the world to represent state of the art in permanent vibrotactile sound therapy tables.  Its proprietary Hydrosonic transducers create true vibration rather than oscillation, while a zero-impedance-processor insures that the sound or music seems to be coming directly out of the body.  The full system includes a custom soft-frame, two proprietary and specially mounted eighteen-inch transducer enclosures on isolation pedestals, custom humanized mattress, liner, heater, ten-foot cable, six-hundred-watt amp, zero-impedance equalizer, liquid crystal concentrate additive for water, fill and drain kit,  three custom CDs, user’s manual and online help.  For more information please see:  http://www.vibrasound.com/WTBrochure.htm.


Vibrasound® Sensorium™ LSV II Sensory Interface

$1499 (Package – Hardware, Software, Headphones & Glasses  

Vibrasound® Sensorium™ LSV II Sensory Interface

$1499 BUY (Different options available)


Light and sound devices have been around since the beginning of the 20th century but didn’t gain scientific acceptance until 1950 when the first clinical version appeared. Since that time many companies have come and gone, with a few making it through to Untitled-1the current day. However, the technology hasn’t changed that much. From the early days when we were all gluing small incandescent flashlight bulbs into welder’s goggles until the present with the multi-color light diodes mounted on PC boards in designer sun glasses…it’s still pretty much the same technology…flashing lights synchronized with a factory preset choice of low quality sounds and sometimes music. Sure, the quality has improved and we’ve discovered the variety of visual experience is different for various wave-shapes, but there hasn’t been a major leap in this field for quite some time.

In 1997 InnerSense, Inc. introduced the world’s first light and sound device that included a third generator for vibrotactile output, called the Sensorium™ LSV for light, sound and User Interface Panelvibration. The tactile sense is powerful and represents 1/3 of the connections that make up the brain stem. Prior to that, our VibraSound® system had gained the honor of being considered state of the art in vibrotactile transfer since its launch in 1984. It, along with the Cotyledon, Somatron and Body Sonic in Japan…was the world’s first introduction to what music and sound “feel like”. Millions of dollars are now pouring into this haptic science of vibration. Whereas the VibraSound® Wavetable still stands as the state of the art in that field, we wanted to create a new type of light and sound device that can function as a complete sound healing system and work with any vibroacoustic pad, chair or table…something that would take the experience even higher…

The Sensorium™ LSV II is the basis of a fully functional vibrational therapy system. It’s a computer based software/hardware system that represents a next generation of light and sound devices that far surpasses those of the past with many new powerful features:

Multi-Sensory Output

Three separate stereo generators for light, sound and vibration
Can by programmed to function in synchrony or harmonic relationships
Third stereo channel output for vibration can drive any vibrotactile pad, chair or table currently available utilizing built in waveforms
All outputs (light, sound and vibration) are stereo are phase synchronized and programmed into segments which can linked into sessions
Professional grade inputs for two microphones and external sound or music source
Audio Output – Dual function generators provide wide-range of sound frequencies or can access iTunes or outside audio/music source
Audio Waveforms – Sine, triangle, sawtooth, maj and min triads, white or pink waveforms.
Light Output – Stochastic* phase pulsed lights – 4 channels (2 left and 2 right) – Indigo (red and blue) – Pulse width – amplitude – phase
Vibrotactile Output – Dual function generators provide wide-range of frequencies that can be synchronized with light and sound
Vibrotactile Waveforms – Sine, triangle, sawtooth, maj and min triads, white or pink waveforms.
MusicVision™ IV – Unique proprietary waveform modulation works with any music
107 user programmable parameters of frequency, phase, pulse width and amplitude for light, sound and vibrational feedback.
User-friendly programming software
Superior accuracy and precision to six decimal points
Sub-harmonic synthesizer – Five channels of phase specific sub-harmonics for music
Altitudinal Oscillator – Psychoacoustic and psychotropic effects of an ascending and descending quad frequency waveform
Quality, Reliability and Maintenance
Superior parts for heavy use by demanding professionals
High definition light diodes for superior eyes closed experience
Behringer signal card: 64 bit quality for state of art performance of all outputs
Mac and PC software design by experienced transformative technology engineer
The Sensorium is synchronous with our quantum biofeedback technologies like The Portacle™ and Psi-Fidelity™
Comes with 21 factory programmed sessions, with the only limit to number of allowed user defined programs being computer memory
Requires PC or Mac computer (not included) and optionally, a vibrotactile pad, chair or table (not included).

Minimum computer requirements are:

Intel-based CPU w/1GB RAM – GPU w/OpenGL 1.4 or higher
OSX 10.6, Windows 7 or higher
(note: Software is delivered in .zip archive format.
1280×768 or higher display resolution
Microphone (built-in or external) and Headphones or Headset (Headphones + Mic)

Comes with Sensorium. LSV II Software, Sensory Interface, Indigo (Red/Blue) Light Diode Glasses, Power Adapter, Cables and Manual


PSI-FIDELITY SOUND (PSI-FI) Audio Dimensionalizer

Korg-Setup2aPsi-Fidelity Sound represents an entirely new class of sound processor called an Audio Dimensionalizer.  Based on phase rather than frequency, it can dramatically enhance any live or recorded sound or music without changing it’s spectral signature.  Therefore, it can be used in tandem with, or on top of, other audio procession systems like BBE, Dolby or THX.  It unlocks a hidden dimension in music by providing the imaginary components of a live or recorded system.  By separating the real and imaginary components and presenting them to opposite ears, listeners are engaged like never before by being required to resolve and reassemble the separated components.  This creates a personal listening environment inside the listener’s head.  It’s like sitting in every seat of the concert house at the same time with maximum phase density.  Comes with built-in state of the art Psiodelic Audio Visualizer that draws the harmonics of the real and imaginary components on a screen.  One version of PsiFi called the PsioTune can be used by NeuroDJs to allow listener’s to hack into their mind.  For more information about the NeuroDJ program, please contact us directly at info@psi-fi-sound.com or info@vibrasound.com.


Mac – http://www.psi-fi-sound.com/PsiFi_Trial_Mac.zip
Windows – http://www.psi-fi-sound.com/PsiFi_Trial_Win.zip.


Transformant™ — Algorithmically Transformed Water

Transformant is water that has been transformed by the Portacle process.  However, instead of the real and imaginary sounds going to a pair of headphones that must be resolved by someone’s brain, the same signal is sent to two-separated 24 ct. gold waveguides suspended inside of a glass reaction chamber.  The water must become the agent of its own transformation and resolve the difference much the same as the human being is forced into doing with the Portacle.  The resulting vapor carries with it the experience of transformation and all of the resources required for the journey.  It comes packaged in a special violet 50ml. quartz bottle with a leak-proof travel cap along with a replaceable dropper pipette, suggested protocol and online support.  For more information please see: http://harmonicresolution.com/i-drops%20protocol.htm.



Harmonic Law:  The Science of Vibration (CD version) by Don Estes

Harmonic Law:  The Science of Vibration is a 333-page encyclopedia of vibrational science.  Collected from over 500 sources of information and vibrational experts from all over the world, this is the most complete source of information on vibrational science ever collected.  For more information please see: http://www.harmonicresolution.com/Harmonic%20Law%20Publications.htm





Harmonic Reinforcement™ CDs (Great Diesis Wave)

$30.00 (Each)
These specialized CDs represent six different aspects of the Great Diesis Wave and are the most sophisticated forms of produced sound available on the planet.  In fact, they would be more accurately described as white sound, as they produce all frequencies of the vibrational spectrum at the same time instead of one at a time as in white noise. They have many applications in hearing problems and sound calibration. For more information please see: http://www.harmonicresolution.com/HRT%20CD%20Page.htm


Absolute Scale of Relative Cosmic Reality™ by Don Estes

ASRCR Screen Shot

The Absolute Scale of Relative Cosmic Reality is the most complete compendium of scientific, philosophical and religious knowledge ever collected into one chart.  It is the master illustration for the book Harmonic Law:  The Science of Vibration.  Charts relative reality versus absolute, energy evolution, music microstructure, archetypal energies, dimensional realities, mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics and quantum reality.  For more information please see: http://www.harmonicresolution.com/Harmonic%20Law%20Publications.htm