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Navigating InnerSpace

The Race Continues:  Circumnavigating InnerSpace By Don Estes One of our associates recently remarked…”well, Don, the cat’s really out of the bag now!  “You’ve unleashed upon the world a powerful tool that can be used constructively or destructively.  How are you ever going to control that?” Fortunately, when it comes to spiritual technology, there’s mechanisms [...]

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Physics of the Law of Attraction

PHYSICS OF THE LAW OF ATTRACTION I OBSERVE, THEREFORE I AM By Don Estes The Law of Attraction has become a household word.  Suddenly it has come to be the buzzword amongst those studying ways in which to enrich and enhance life.  TV infomercials, movies, print media and songs about it have become commonplace.  However, [...]

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More Articles by Don Estes

PEAK EXPERIENCE: Article by Don Estes about the "transformative" state of mind. SENSORY SCIENCE: Article by Don Estes about the science of sensory technology. SENSORY RESONANCE AND HRV: Article by Don Estes about the relationships between brain and heart variability and the various states of mind. MEMBRANES OF LIFE: Article by Don Estes about superstring [...]

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Psiometrics vs. Biometrics

Psiometrics™ versus Biometrics "In 1952, [editor of Analog Science Fiction and Fact] John W. Campbell proposed the term "psionics", from psi ('psyche') and the ending -onics from electronics (machine), which implied that the paranormal powers of the mind could be made to work reliably." Whereas biofeedback measures and feeds back only the physiological aspects of [...]

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