New Beginnings

The truth never suffers from an honest observation. As a child in the ‘60’s living next to one of the most polluted great lakes in the US, I observed fish too weak to swim, yellow with toxins, some having succumbed already to the obvious toxicity in their environment. I asked myself, how is this possible? [...]

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Psiometrics vs. Biometrics

Psiometrics™ versus Biometrics "In 1952, [editor of Analog Science Fiction and Fact] John W. Campbell proposed the term "psionics", from psi ('psyche') and the ending -onics from electronics (machine), which implied that the paranormal powers of the mind could be made to work reliably." Whereas biofeedback measures and feeds back only the physiological aspects of [...]

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Spiritual Technology

A race to innerspace is on. People all over the world are finally beginning to realize that the best things in life come from the inside. The challenge is that we were born without an operation manual, with no “users guide”. How would one ever learn what is going on in there? All technology has [...]

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