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Every human being is living somewhere between their actual and potential selves.

The current state of human biometric measurement gives regard only to the physical aspects of an individual.  However, this does not address three other key facets that describe the current state and full nature of a human being in totality, those being the mental, emotional and spiritual components.

The science that forms the basis of The Portacle measures not only how a person is feeling, but also how they are thinking.  It actually analyzes the unique characteristics of human breath in order to measure the intention behind the energy, optimizes it and then iterates it back through a unique form of multi-sensory biofeedback.

When one knows and sees what is going on inside of themselves as expressed through their breath, they can have profound realizations and make changes in their lives to manifest their intentions, stated and unstated.

Almost everyone has something they would change about themselves if they knew they could.

Through a cycle that follows a specific flow from thought to expression to action to manifestation (see image below), a process we call the Manifestation Cycle, we can see how thought is the genesis of Intention!

Thought is the first step in manifesting an intention. To manifest one’s intention, real and imaginary automata (the smallest, most indivisible components of the self-operating machine) must be collected, organized and ordered into a focused concentration of intentional energy. The Portacle offers users the opportunity to meditate and focus thought.

Expression is the second step of intentional manifestation. It is the ordering of the automata via expression of the original thought. The quality of such expression determines the probabilities of its manifestation. The Portacle provides a mathematical, formal type of expression that is vastly superior to informal languages like English.

Action: Proper action taken on a quality expression results in manifestation. Once a choice has been made, higher-order encephalic automata take their action through the function of microtubules in the brain and begin to spread out both internally and externally.

Manifestation: Once proper action is applied, nurturing is all that remains. Once a person understands how things manifest, and what part their own consciousness plays in the process, they can begin to change both their inner and outer environments.

Intention is the instruction we give to the un-manifest to manifest.

Intention, the dictionary says, “is an aim that guides an action.” Imagine for a moment that your intention (thought) is an arrow and your goal is to hit the target creating a bullseye.  As much as we want to hit the target and have our ideas become real, we don’t always achieve our desire. What is it that prevents us from hitting that bullseye?  All the dis-harmonic beliefs, behaviors and emotions that are at play in any given moment.

We need to interrupt these repetitive patterns. These are conditioned manners of being we try to change, but they lie deep within the sub-conscious.

Our job is to become cognizant of these patterns. However, the mind is very crafty, very insidious, and will fight for its survival for what has been conditioned within us.  Whether it’s true or false…good or bad.

The Portacle provides a mirror into what is unresolved, collapsing the boundaries between our present reality and our potential. The result of which is a profound and sustainable internal cohesion . . . our truth.

How do we know when we’ve heard or experienced the truth? There is a quality of alignment, peace and ease that resonates throughout every cell of our being. It’s as if we’ve always known it. The Portacle has the ability to guide us toward this state of grace.

The Portacle helps us see where we are, not only in the physical domain, but in the non-physical domain. By having this feedback we can effect true and lasting change in our lives.

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