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In the beginning… there was the Word . . . How many times have you heard that phrase? Have you ever wondered what comes before the Word? It is your breath. Yogis, meditators, and masters of esoteric wisdom have known this for thousands of years. The Portacle is the only technology of its kind that uses the breath to measure and reflect ones state of being.

The breath itself is made up of frequencies. The Portacle gives you kinesthetic feedback of these frequencies. In other words, you will now be able to see these frequencies as stunning mandalas (on your computer screen), hear them (through your earphones or speakers) and feel them (via a visceral, somatic experience) within your body. How cool is that?

Your critical mind is now wondering… How does it work?

When using The Portacle, your breath frequencies are separated into their harmonic and dis-harmonic waveforms through a patented complex algorithmic process. With the aid of a super-computer, the harmonic frequencies are kept and conveyed to you, while the dis-harmonic frequencies are dis-guarded. The remaining positive harmonics are then reflected back to you.

What you see are stunning, spectral and temporal images. What you hear are oral renderings of the frequencies. Both revealing to you your true state of being with each breath you take.

Now, you have the option of breathing with intention. You can chant, sing, whisper or talk into The Portacle, via your microphone or simply meditate in silence. Each action contains its own complex frequency. By receiving the feedback, one can consciously alter their own breath and thus change their state.

Curious as to why this is important and how it leads to transformation, read on…