(((( VibraSound ))))

VibroTactile Transducer



The 50 watt VibraSound Vibrotactile Transducer(s) may be mounted to any firm structure you wish to vibrate to music, sound, or vibrations.


You may fasten them with #6 sheet metal screws to most surfaces and you may add double-sided tape for optimum bonding when applied to the underside of horizontal surfaces.


Simply connect speaker wires to the color coded push terminals on the side of each transducer and to the amplified (speaker) output of your stereo receiver amplifier or a independent modular amplifier such as our new 100 watt Stereo InfraSonic Amplifier.

It is important to make sure your amplifier is rated to drive a 4 ohm load.


Most audio amplifiers are designed to power 8 ohm loads. You may use an amplifier rated for 8 ohms but it will hold up to continuous use if it is rated to put out at least 75 watts per channel. The transducers can be powered with up to 100 watts each for short duration. As a rule, you will always get a higher quality signal (less distortion) by using a higher power rated amplifier and keeping itís volume level turned down to a undistorted level.


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