VibraSound® Vibrotactile Music Dolphin
The VibraSound Vibrotactile Music Dolphin is 
a cuddly stuffed puppet that can produce 
vibrations just like the real thing.  Used as 
an adjunct to the various VibraSound Music 
Platforms, this amazing little accessory can 
really enhance the vibrotactile experience by 
totally surrounding the body (top & bottom)with 
vibrations.  Perfect for Sound Therapy, Music 
Therapy, Biofeedback, and other forms of music 
The Music Dolphin conducts soothing music or specialized relaxing soundtracks into a person's body in the form of gentle vibration. This cute marine mammal version of our Spot Transducer simply connects to a standard audio device such as your CD or Cassette player. The user simply holds and/or cuddles the Dolphin such that the vibrations penetrate the body.









The 22" Dolphin comes complete with an InterActor Amplifier, low voltage Power Adapter, tangle proof Safety Cable, and a thermally protected VibroTactile™ Transducer Module.

Quality assured and upheld with manufacturer's one-year warranty. WARNING! The VibraSound Music Dolphin is not a toy, and is to be used only with adult supervision as the cords can cause injury if they become wrapped around the body.

It is well known that music can heal and is good for one's soul. Also, we may consider that a person (or baby) can feel less lonely when pleasing music is present. Current research indicates that feeling music is much more relaxing than just hearing it.

The VibraSoundÒ Music Dolphin is versatile and evokes peace in people of all ages.

Shipping Information:

1 ea.  7" x7" x 22" = 12 lbs.

Delivery time = 8-10 Weeks.
Current Price = $ 250U.S.

Kit Includes:

VibraSound Music Dolphin
InterActor Amplifier
Power Adaptor with Cable
Stereo 1/8" to RCA Cable