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As our name implies, for every outer sense, there’s an inner one. When we dream, we see, hear, smell and sense that inner-world just as accurately and precisely as we do the time domain we live in. Our methods and technologies are designed to turn the focus of attention inward toward the greatest nation on earth…the imagi-nation, the reciprocal spectral domain, innerspace…the “other side”.

InnerSense, Inc. was formed to design, develop, manufacture and distribute advanced transformational technologies to the world. Almost everyone has something they would like to change so applications for transformational technologies are vast.

Ours is considered worldwide to represent…state of the art.
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Our products and services were developed to help a person achieve sensory resonance, wherein lies access to the higher self.

Our science is based on a theory put forth by one of our founders in the late 80’s called Sensory Resonance, rooted in the fact that the only connection that consciousness has with the internal or external environment is through the sensory mechanisms. Read More


Philosopher’s Stone – Water of Life – Aqua-vitae – Quintessence – Elixir of Life

Transformant™ is water collected from around the world that has been transformed by following the instructions of a proprietary algorithm that compels it to acknowledge the need to change, give up resistance, remove all impurity, and implode inward to a higher ordered state called vapor or “distilled spirit”. It is asked to become the agent of its own transformation and actually experience a dynamic process rather than being taught about it from an outside static source. This pure vapor is then condensed into liquid form along with its time record.
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All of our products and services were designed for one main purpose…
to assist users and recipients in consciously evolving to higher and higher levels of order.